Conceived and Directed by Doug Fitch and Edouard Getaz                     Set and Props by Doug Fitch                                                                       Orchestration by Deutsche Grammophon an the Youth Orchestra of  Germany                                                                                            Narrated by Alice Cooper

 iPad App available now on iTunes App Store here.



PETER AND THE WOLF IN HOLLYWOOD is an iPad app produced by the Giants Are Small studio in Brooklyn, NY.  It is an iPad app that is a re-imagined prequel to Prokofiev's 1936 classic "Peter and the Wolf." It is narrated by Alice Cooper (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) and is re-orchestrated by the National Youth Orchestra of Germany.

What is so special about this app is that EVERY detail you see except for characters and character shadows are real, literal, and hand-made models built in scale in a studio in Brooklyn.  This means too that ALL lighting including skies, lamps, truck headlights, and more, are a part of the literal and physical environment of these photographed scenes.  All scenes were constructed similar to a film set, but build in 1/2" scale and built specifically in forced perspective to allow for camera shots to feel as deep and immersive as possible on a miniature set.